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Project Management Group. Real Estate Property Developer. Building Design Construction Contractor. Design Buildings, Obtain City/Town Approvals and Permits, Build/Renovate/Restore Buildings, Manage Buildings Design Construction Projects. Design Buildings Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, and Landscape. Engineering Building Design; Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil. Obtain City/Town Zoning, Site Plan, and Building Permit Approvals and Permits. Planners rezone properties; zoning and official plan amendment. Architects and Urban Designers prepare context plans and reports. Architects, Engineers, and Building Code Consultants Prepare Building Permit Documents. Build, Renovate, and Restore Buildings General Construction. Build New or Addition to existing Buildings. Restore Fire Damage Properties or Insurance Claim Fire Damage Buildings. Manage Buildings Design Construction Projects; Scope of Work or Specifications, People or Resources, Cost or Budget, Time Schedule, Quality, Risk, Others.


We Manage Buildings Construction Projects with professional engineers, quantity surveyors/estimators, project managers, project coordinators, and site superintendents.

Construction trades and trade contractors work as a team with the construction professionals to get the building construction projects completed.

Our building projects are mostly design by us, we obtain City/Town approvals and permits, and do the construction with our professionals and trade contractors.

We are similar to a general contractor (main contractor, prime contractor) who’s responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the construction site, management of suppliers and trades, and communication of information to the involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

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Property Developer


Project Management

Total Project Management. Manage Property Development, Property Developer, Total Property Development Management.

Management Processes; Property, Conceptual Design, Costing, Finance, Construction, and Operations and Maintenance.

Manage Buildings Design and Construction Projects.

Design Buildings and Site; Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, and Landscape.

Obtain City/Town Approvals and Permits; Zoning, Site Plan Approval, and Permits.

Construction, Manage Construction Projects; Build, Renovate, and Restore Buildings. Professionals and Trade Contractors work together as a team to complete projects.

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Property Developer

Useful Information, Networking with You.

Property Developer/Project Management Group 

  1. Design Buildings; Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, & Landscape.
  2. Obtain City/Town Approvals & Permits; Rezone/Subdivide Properties, Develop Site Plan, Obtain Permits.
  3. Build, Renovate, & Restore Buildings; General Construction with Construction Professionals & Trades.
  4. Manage Projects; Manage Buildings Design and Construction Projects.

An integrated Service Provider with Competitive Rates bringing projects to Specifications, Cost, and Time. Work together with Owners/Clients. Apply Modernized Building Systems; Materials, Automated/Smart Buildings, and Natural/Efficient Energy. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Buildings.


Sham (M. Maraj)
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Property Developer

Excavation, Foundation, and Backfill

Excavate Buildings; Foundation and Site Residential and Commercial Development.

Build Foundation; Footing and Foundation Concrete or Block Wall.

Install Exterior Wall Application; Waterproofing, Drain Board, and Drain Tile.

Backfill Excavated areas ready for Wood or Steel Framing.

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Design and Build Buildings; Additions, Renovations, and Restorations

Property Developer and Project Management Group Develop Properties.

Design buildings architectural, engineering, Interior Design, and Landscape.

Rezone & Subdivide Properties, Develop Site Plan, and Obtain Building permits.

Build, Renovate, Restore Buildings General Construction.

Manage Buildings Design and Construction Projects.

Call / Txt: Sham @ 647.885.4501

Property Developer & Project Management Group Develop Property
Property Developer & Project Management Group Develop Property