Manage Construction Projects, Construction Project Management.

Project Management Group, Manage Buildings Design and Construction Projects, and Construction Project Management are a specialized service with a team of professionals.

A professional team of Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Superintendents, and other office staff Manage Building Construction Projects.

Engineers and Project Managers work together to prepare the project description, the cost with the quantity surveyors, the time schedule, and human resources for the project work task. Quantity Surveyors work on the project budget cost and the crew size that goes with the work task and cost.

The project need Trades and Trade Contractors to execute the construction work task sequence or activities. The City and other authorities are the ones to review and approve the construction work when requested.

The owners or clients are the ones we work for to bring the project as described, within cost and time, and a quality pleasing to the eye and durable. An end product undertaken came to live and completed. The property developed to enhance the urban landscape and a shelter to live/work/play/exercise/pray.

Call/Txt.: 647.885.4501

Project Management


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